Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Update

For those who don't have Facebook, and check our page randomly and haven't had the chance to talk to Jeremie lately...we are in fact pregnant.  14 weeks to be exact.  I can't believe it, but it still doesn't feel real.  We've heard the heartbeat twice, but it's still unreal.  Of course, I've started showing MUCH earlier than with Kepler - so I feel like I've just gotten fat fast.  Kepler is getting practice being with other kids at a "pre-school" where I work (glorified day care), which is good at some things and very bad with others.  I was hoping to avoid the "biting" our friends situation a bit longer, but because when he first went he had never been around other kids in that sort of setting, kids would tend to pick on him.  He had no idea what to do when another child hit him, or shoved, took his toy, or even bit him.  Well, he's learning now!!!  Not something I'm happy about.  I would love to change locations, but I think I get the best discount where I'm at now.  Of course.

Hopefully after baby number 2 is here (mid-July), I won't have to work - as it will be super expensive for an infant and Kepler at school, and I don't really want to expose our baby to that kind of environment.  We will see though - the extra income is always a good thing - I just don't know how much "extra" I'd be bringing home, if anything.  I know there are a couple people at work who may prefer to have their child stay with another person during the day, not that school - I'm hoping maybe just to babysit those during the day.

So the big news is we're pregnant, and honestly freaking out still a bit.  Hoping that goes away soon!!

Colorado Visit

 The ever popular "cousins in the tub moment"

I know the pics are still from way back in September, but I thought I'd post a couple of Kepler and his cousin when we were in Colorado visiting.  We took them to a butterfly thing, and they both LOVED it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green Bay Trip

While we were in Wisconsin, my parents were wonderful enough to watch Kepler for the night while Jeremie and I took a little overnight vacation from our vacation.  We went to Green Bay to check out a couple restaurants visited by Man V. Food and to check out (what my brother calls "The Holy Land") Lambeau Field.  It was incredible - such an awesome place.

Jeremie's parents bought him a larger gnome (we had a tiny 3 inch gnome you couldn't see in pictures) to take with us on our journies.  He loves going on vacation!


We had dinner at "Curly's Pub" that's in the atrium of the field the night we got there.  Jeremie even "borrowed" a glass as a souvenier.  

We wanted to get a picture of us - in our Green Bay gear, in front of a Lambeau Field sign, with our traveling gnome.  Mission accomplished.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally.  At almost 16 months (yes - 16), our sweet little boy is finally walking.  Although, I was doing quite well having just a crawler on my hands (he was a super fast crawler - and it was already hard to keep up with him sometimes), having a walker will be fun.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peek a boo Pose

For all of you who don't care - I found out this "pose" he love to do is not in fact so he can look behind him - it's so you "can't see him".  He LOVES when you ask where Kepler is - and gets a huge smile when he sits up and looks at you the - "HERE I AM" look.  What a silly silly boy!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing Outside

Kepler, Joe and I all had a fun evening playing outside.  I went to let Joe inside the house, and Kepler darted for the door to go outside.  It's nice that he loves being outside - but I'm afraid we might have a few bugs.  At least any bites he gets don't seem to bother him.  I found the only way to get him to come inside without him getting too upset is to tell him to go take a bath.  There's NOTHING he loves more than baths

Petting "Zoo"

So our kindermusik teacher was telling us about this "petting zoo" the town was having during it's annual Art in the Square.  So we went - I was looking forward to it because Kepler LOVES animals.  Well we went.  And it was snakes.  Yup.  SNAKES.  Mommy doesn't DO snakes.  Good thing Dad does - or else Kepler wouldn't have gotten anywhere CLOSE to those snakes.